Thursday, June 30, 2011

Updated Tummy Tuck Photos.

I am 3 1/2 weeks post full tummy tuck. 13lbs gone. I wear a tight binder all day and night. I have to wear it for 3 more weeks. It actually feels better wearing it. I got a new belly button! It's super high.

When I get the before photos from the plastic surgeon you will puke be slack jawed at the difference. The flap was so hangy grody. You'll see. I've decided to be brave and post them. Right now it feels like a sunburn when you wear clothes, that rubbing friction-y feeling. I don't take any pain pills. Once in awhile I take a valium before bed to relax my back muscles.
I could not be happier. I mean to just put on a shirt and walk out the door...well, pants and shoes too. It's a wonderful feeling. People say "oh, you look good." it's so nice to hear but what you don't see is what feels so much better. I hold my head up. I have self-confidence. I can wear a M size underwear! Instead of B (for Bovine). The Dr says I'm still super swollen and will go down quite a bit yet. 
I will post more pictures then! and don't worry I will warn you before I reveal the "before" so you're not eating or any small children can see the screen.

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