Saturday, January 21, 2012

I am so proud.....

Here are my precious angels who I carried for 35 long weeks......licking my glass door.
 Has a mother ever been so proud? As long as you are out there boys, you missed a spot. I keep thinking there is an Oreo on the deck.
 A person can only handle so much disappointment.

What is this you ask? Besides a hot mess in my livingroom....I know but my kids LIVE in this room! I'd love to say you caught me on a messy day but we both know I'd be lying. Make a mess babies. 
It's my daughter cheering for hockey game.
It's my daughter betraying me.
It's my daughter winning my husband's heart yet again.
I guess my marathon watching of NCIS gets to the hubs like the hockey watching gets to me.
I ain't giving up my Gibbs....or my cheeseburgers....
Life here is great.
How can I complain with live-in window washers?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My baby is one!

My sweet baby girl turned one yesterday. 
People always say "I dont' know where the year went." It still shocks me that she's walking! I know it's the normal progression of things but hokey pete.....I don't know where the year went.

I made her this sweet little skirt and tutu along with a number 1 shirt. I have to say, she looked so cute in it. She loved the skirt. I need to make her more of them. I love the combination of fancy skirt and bare feet. 

The offspring. What a crew. 

See that guy?....he has NO chance against that little monkey he's holding. Oh nilly. All she has to do is give him a smile and lean in for a kiss and that man is done. DONE. Like the way he likes his burgers...DONE. On a side note see that white piece of paper on the fridge with the little round magnet? Yeah, Project alert. I saw this pin on Pinterest that was the Family's names in Scrabble like fashion....Yep, gotta do it. Stay tuned for pictures. 

So I wanted to do shades of purple for her party since we are not into the Princess thing. It was impossible to find anything that didn't have Princess and pink so I just opted for shades of purple. 

Cake pops, brownies, cupcakes.

Tomato bisque shooters with grilled cheese skewers. I love grilled cheese. I made mac and cheese shooters with skewered hot dog for the kids.....I think I saw more adults eating those than kids!  There was pulled pork and stuffed mushrooms and bacon wrapped dates. I love food. 

This is a 7 layer Greek dip that I also saw on Pinterest. I am a lover of all things Greek food. I served these with pita chips. 

A ton of family and friends filled our home to help us celebrate. 
Ummm....we are usually better at screening for weirdos and chesters. Jeff what is that face?? No, I don't want a candy covered kitten from your windowless van....thanks though.

Much better picture of you Jeff. 

Cole, try to contain yourself. 

This is my running buddy, Betsy. I love her usually but not today. Today, I can't walk. I will be running a couple times a week with her. That's alot of not liking one person.....With her accountability I WILL be a single digit clothing size this year! Okay, I guess I like her again. 

She wanted nothing to do with anything except being held by me. I was all "aglow" all night from lugging  carrying her.  Happy Birthday.....

Here's your cupcake! 
She. Didn't. Touch. It. 

My and my peanut. You're stuck with the crazy mom, girlie. 

We are so blessed with family and friends that would take time out of their week to pack our house and celebrate Reese's birthday. 
I didn't plan on opening all the gifts with everyone because if we are all being honest....does anyone like sitting sardine style on a couch watching some kid squirm while the mom opens the gifts? Nope! 
You're welcome.

I am in love with that skirt! She is so girly in it. 

At least someone ate the cupcakes....

Make that 2 someones......

I am one lucky mama. Let's not kid ourselves...there's a whole lot of crazy caged up in that head but every so often I get to let the gate open. 
Love you baby girl. 
Happy Birthday.