Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Operation "Rec Room".

Every year when the hubs goes to Deer Camp for 8 or 9 days, I do a project. 
Why do I wait til he is gone? 
He can't say "no" to any of my ideas! The kids call him "The NO man". 
He says no a lot, so I just wait. "The Wife Wait"-- I am good at it.
This year I choose our sad, plain, boring rec room. I figured that on days I am too lazy to brave the snow, we will just play down in the rec room. 

See!! Pathetic.

Sad. Dumping ground of sadness.

Blinding white. Like my legs in the summer. 
Can't bear to look at.
Again, like my legs in summer.
So, over the last few months I have been scheming and planning.
Operation "Don't tell the hubs anything" was in full swing.
I borrowed a paint sprayer from a friend. Wonderful invention.
Amazing. Won't ever paint spray indoors again. 
I was a hot mess of ridiculousness.
I did love how the ceiling turned out.

And so it began...


I saw these great Scrabble tiles on Pinterest and decided they
would be perfect for the wall. Cut, sand, paint, glue. Free craft that
turned out to be my fav.

Oh, sweet nilly. The furniture. 
Laminate + Krylon = awesome
I have to admit, I wasn't sure how it would turn out but 
I did a lot of prep and sanding and it worked great!

Cut down a shelf. 

I wanted a high gloss bright, fun red. 
After 2 cans of spray paint it was great. 
Cans  $3.47 each so, not bad.

I found this water color world map from Imagekind. 
I loved it instantly. 
I picked the color palette from the map colors. 
I went to Kinko's to have it laminated and hung it simply
on a curtain rod.

All for you guys! 

I absolutely love how these came out.
Exactly how I wanted.

My friend, Sarah, and I went to IKEA. 
For this.
Kids, if your toys don't fit in here, off to the donate
pile they go. 

Since I have to make it appear like my kids do more than watch tv, I had to make a
Craft/art table. I had this table top sitting on two file cabinets. (Classy) Perfect!
I wanted to be able to sink buckets of crayons and colored pencils
into the actual table. 

Measure. Cut.
I heart power tools.

Not going to win any circle cutting contests, but it will do.
I cut some 4x4 for the legs, attached a cleat to the wall and SHAZAM! 
A table.

Love Shutterfly

After a couple days of hard work....success.
My kids have a space that is functional and fun.

There are still a couple things to finish up.
FINAL coat of paint on the door, hang the pallet wood
picture, and get some baskets for the green shelves. 
I couldn't be happier!

Andy came home tonight and was really very surprised.
He loves that it is done and I love that
it is done the way I pictured in the Crazyville
that is my brain.
Next up is the "Guest Quarters". 
I heart projects.