Thursday, May 26, 2011

new helmets.

The boys got bikes for their 2nd birthday in December. The old house wasn't really suited for bikes....or being all together in the same we are super thrilled with the big concrete apron here at the new house. Along with the trike type bikes the boys got helmets. Here is the first donning of the Superman helmets.
 Look at Logan's face.."Seriously, mom, what is this thing under my chin? Ugh...the camera again. I gotta pee..."

 I think Cole's a little top heavy.....*sigh*.
I can see how riding a trike could be a little challenging wearing this.

Logan: "Sis, she totally made us wear these helmets and we didn't even get to ride our bikes...apparently it's raining again."

Reese: "I pooped".

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My chicken loving men.

We let the "teenagers" out into the yard with the "grown-ups" this past week. The boys jumped right in to help.

 Look at those FFA's in training.....

Mom, hurry up! We've got to move the new ones to the back 40 before cheese sticks and juice.

A boy and his chicken....

 Andy and Cole with a naked neck. I'm sure Farmer Andy has it named and knows which way she like her pellets. To me, she's....a chicken.Look at you, Logan. You're a natural.

Dear Chickens,
    You won't remember this traumatic day. It's like when you drop your kid on its head reaching for a doughnut. It doesn't remember. You can laugh about it for years down the road. Just make it through today and the next time they reach for you with that "helpful" gleam in their eye, you'll run faster, huh?
                                           Sincerely, THE mother hen
Look at my men. So handsome. So chickeny.

"Ughhh,! Hurry up and take your pictures. I'm a chicken farmer
I have to get back to work. The chickens aren't going to walk around
all by themselves. We need to do the serious work of moving the
chickens around the yard.

Lest you worry about where Reese was during this epic event.....worry no more. Sweet dreams, angel. Sweet sawdust dreams.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present, The Cluck Mahal.

 I am proud to present to the 7 of you that read my blog....The Cluck Mahal!! My DH "finished"it, finally. Complete with a run, massaging roosts, air filtration system, water bubbler so the girls can have fresh water whenever their little beaks are dry. I jest. It is wonderful, though. He worked so hard and now the ladies have paradise. Plop, ladies, plop.

Yes, I know it needs a good ol power wash and a coat of paint. He put the window in....Seriously, how could you not have ventilation?? Can't have the girls getting too hot. I don't eat hard boiled eggs. We are going all dork-tastic and making a "Cluck Mahal" sign. It's gonna hang over the door.

I am standing on our deck looking at our old house. That's Burt or Bert. I've never written it down before. He comes when you call him. He doesn't care if you call him Burt or Bert. I'm just sayin'.

 Hiya, honey! Whatcha doin'? Oh, moving the chickens from the old coop to the new coop! Look at that grin, peeps! He and his girls...That man's a fool for a Turkin or a Polish. That's Kreigh in the hat. He's been invaluable to Andy in the move and with all the chickens. Everyone should be so lucky to have a Kreigh in their life. He loves my kids and for that.....he's family to me. He also comes to Kreigh or Craig.....just sayin'.

Making the long walk ..... Need a water? A sandwich? I hear Gatorade makes a whole line of before, during and after workout drinks...what phase is this?

Drumroll, please!!!  They are in!!!

See them! They love it! Can't you tell? Yeah....I can't either but it's good to have them here.
Sorry, puppies. Remember when Riley got a chicken and was running around the yard with a dead chicken in his mouth? Yeah, the boys still talk about it. "No, Riley, put my chicken on the ground. Riley eat my chicken, Riley killed my chicken." Good times. I think I need to write children's books..............

Speaking of needing a power wash and a paint job.....I am almost done with the bathroom. See that blue? 2 coates of Kilz and she's a memory. Almost done....

Houston, we have a problem.... Mr Mantz, I still stink at Math. I doubled the recipe  or so I thought....Oh well, I got to cook with my kids.  They eat anything so, it's fine. Hubs doesn't eat anything and he loved them....awesome.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Have ya sipped it?

Have ya seen this stuff? It's MIO, a calorie free drink additive that adds flavor to your water.
There are several flavors to choose from. Tea, fruit punch and Berry pomegranate to name a few. I choose the Berry Pomegranate. I am into pomegranate lately.

I filled my "open stock" Crate and Barrel cup with my usual ice water and squirted away! The bottle says a good squirt for an 8 oz serving but it's really about what you like....and how many times you want to watch the swirl.....captivating.

Swirl, baby, swirl!
Delish! I am a water drinker so I don't need any bells and whistles to make me enjoy it but this is nice when I want a little flavor. I will definitely buy this again. It's $3.99 at Meijer so I will no doubt be looking for coupons.
If your not a plain  water lover this could be helpful in getting your 8 glasses a day!! Enjoy!

Monday, May 9, 2011

I got bored and here's what $6 did to solve it.

Our beautiful new home holds hundreds (ok maybe tens) of fun projects. It could be described as a "hot mess". I love it. The bathroom is one such project. The vanity is a little on the dated side and needs a little demolition action love. We have plans to renovate but until then we need to get a little creative. Here's my idea of "a little creative".

I got a $6 tin of stain and went to town. (yes, new paint is on the list, simmer.) Andy was out doing chicken coop stuff. The second edition of the Cluck Mahal is being built in my backyard,,,,under my bedroom window. I needed to stain something.
I love it. I missed a few spots. I was distracted by trees falling in my yard to make way for the chickens. Yes, trees, with chainsaws....for chickens.....I need another project......

Friday, May 6, 2011

getting greener by the season...

You know the saying "Happy wife, happy life". Yeah......Mama wants a garden. Mama wants to use hand tools and build something. I sketched and dreamt of the garden that would feed my family and nourish....blah, blah...mama wants to use hand tools! My sweet hubs just rolls his eyes and braces himself for the next "kate" project I think up. (House swap, anyone?) The whole point is to grow the veg and save money so why would I go to my favorite store in the universe--THE Home Depot--when I can forage for free lumber in our yard. Yeah, if you've been to the Acres you know what I'm talking about.  That pile you walk by and think...."I can't believe I know someone who lives like this". Yep....
This corner in the yard will do just fine. Let's get started....

 Andy was my assistant for this project. It suits him. He, for the most part, zipped his lip and just let me go to town. Good man....I learned alot from deciphering his grunts and winces....The boys jumped right in and began measuring and marking the wood. Logan apparently got a little carried away....
 "It's okay, honey. Bath day is coming up in a few days so you can just wear a hat until then, pass mommy THE tool". What tool, you ask? This one.....
                                A cordless, framing nailer. I know. Take a minute to soak in all the majesty.

 Who is this kid's mother?  Can you even breathe in there? Does your mother realize that there is not 4 inches of snow on the ground?  Poor thing.....

 My sweet boys love to get right in there and help. My hubs does a great job of showing the boys what needs to be done and letting them go to it!
                                              It's hard work being a 2 year old Master Carpenter.
 I wanted to sink 2 4x4's 2 feet down and then add a cross piece to hang some buckets for homemade "topsy turvy" type tomatoes. "Honey, I want to take some pictures will you just do a couple of scoops?  Oh, I had my finger on the lense will you do some more scoops? Oh, I'm so sorry, I really wanted to do this part but I forgot to put the photo card in, keep scooping."

Thanks, babe for being a great assistant. I can't wait to get a couple yards of dirt and get our garden in!

Monday, May 2, 2011

when a crescent is more than a crescent....

I can't make bread to save my life. This disappoints me. I need to get new locks to keep out the intruder who drags me into the kitchen and demands "Woman, make me a loaf of bread!" So to satisfy my need for carbs with every meal I turn to those glorious blue Pillsbury tubes. I like crescent rolls but lets be honest, 2 bites and it's gone. How to make them a little more substantial? Put 2 together and make a pretzel type roll.

This little tube holds so much possibility.....let's begin.

Open, shriek like a little girl when it pops open-even though you know it's coming and you've opened 563 cans in your life.
Seperate the two halves. I pulled the first set off before I grabbed my camera.

Take 2 of the triangles and push the short seams together.

Roll 'em up like a snake. Or the beginnings of a pretzel.....

Start the twisting to make the pretzel shape.


Place on sheet and bake according to the package. This brand is 375 degrees for 13 minutes.

Here's the finished product. I know! It is way more substantial than just one little, puny crescent!

Throw it on top of some homemade pot pie filling or chicken soup and you got yourself a delish cheat on pastry crust.....I can do pastry crust, I love pastry crust......I'm a crust lovin' girl.