Tuesday, June 7, 2011

tummy tuck

So, I finally had my tummy tuck!! So exciting. So painful. My plastic surgeon Dr. Renucci took 3.5L of back fat out, 6 lbs out of my flanks and sides and the "Jabba the Hutt" flap was another 6lbs. I sure hope he ate his Wheaties. I went under at 0800 and they woke me up at noon. Andy and the kids came around 1:30 and we left at 2. Bing, Bang, Boom and I was done. I have to wear the binder for 6-8 weeks. I get the drains pulled in a week. You can see the bruises from all the Lipo. I am already so super happy. Dr says that it will be even better after all the swelling goes down. I can't imagine it being better.
I can't believe that that's me! I get to shower tomorrow and will have to take all the bandages off so i will take more pictures tomorrow. Rated G of course! The pain last night was one step away from making me crazy. Vicodin didn't even touch it. Around 4am I turned a corner and I am up and picking up Reese and making food for the kids and doing dishes. Andy has been beyond incredible. He just works so hard and doesn't complain. I can't seem to shake the sleepyness which is fine. I feel a little guilty though. He wants me to just sleep and drink water but I want to give him a break...until I get nauseated. I really, really don't want to puke. Can you imagine that pain? I am so blessed and grateful. Stop back in to see more pictures!

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