Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another great week at the Acres.

"I know, I know, I tried what you said. I upped the aeration on their bubbling water, I booked the massage therapist for an extra hour a day and I changed their stereo to a 34 disc cd-changer. Any other complaints from around  the Acres?"

"what? Oh, hey honey, this isn't what......*sigh*....yes it is."

Reese looking all...Reese-ish. This kid is crazy cute and a cuddler. Her hair is a hot mess. Like Merideth Grey in the first 4 seasons of Grey's Anatomy kind of hot mess.  With a style maven like me for a mom, I'm sure you are super surprised. I just hit Old Navy for long sleeve T's...yeah....maven.

Here is a shameless plug for my business.  I do custom blocks. This order was for "purple and ballet". I love it. I am definitely liking the whole "3D" thing. Head on over to to order yours! ok....I'm done!

The kids got to go "Trick or treating" at their Grandma's office. All the lawyers put buckets of candy outside their office and the kids go through and get some.  When I say candy...I mean CANDY. Like full size "I just found OJ's diary" sized candy.  "Grab the Snickers, baby, the brown, not that one...oh, great baby! I love Starburst....."

Reese getting in on the action. Yep, she ate candy. 

Hoover it baby. Don't let a silly thing like packaging get in your way. Get on that. 

All tuckered out after their adventure. 
"What? No, you didn't have any Reese's Peanut butter cups or Snickers honey. 
You must have dreamed it."

I have a coupon for a free 8x10 canvas print or $50 off any canvas print size....this is a top candidate for  our wall. I think no matter what kind of day I am having ( no, honey, don't read into that. Everyday with you is sunshine and puppies.) looking at that face will brighten it up. 
Hope your day is great!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween at Boulder Ridge!

We are taking up Russian Ballet! 
Just kidding! The boys are gonna be chickens for Halloween this year and they needed to have yellow tights. I couldn't find any yellow or orange tights anywhere so I bought white and just did a quick dye job. Oh...they aren't tights they are "Man-leggings".  Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing....Graduation photo board!

Here are the costumes. I love them. (you too, boys, but enough about you) My DH helped me cut out some of the 4,826 feathers. Still trying to figure out what he wants.....I thought I had till Thursday to get them finished but then I realized that Boulder Ridge had their Halloween event ending tonight so "lazy mamma" had to morph into "hot-glue super fast" mamma. 

Okay....I know....Reese's egg costume leaves a little to be desired. I did have great visions for it but I guess I forgot about the whole "gotta carry you around or put you in a stoller" aspect. Yeah...sorry kid. You get the 5 minute costume.  Welcome to the beginning of a long life of crazy.

Here we are at Boulder Ridge. 

As you know, we gave 2 of our goats to Boulder so it's always a treat for my DH to visit his girls.  

"Hey chicken, come here! Your mom is a freak, she needs to simmer."

Son, look away, look away!

When you go to Boulder you have to go into the Aviary.  (That lady looking like she is at the starting block for big race...yeah that's my mom. She's to blame for my crafty-dork gene.) This time the boys did much better at holding the seed sticks. There was a lot less shrieking and shaking of the stick. Congrats on growing up.

Logan. Way to go honey. That 2 oz bird sure knows it's place.

Cole. Yeah, I know. It's almost over. Stay strong oh chickeny one.

Me and my egg. Looking good, Reese. 

Isn't that a fabulous picture? The boys look uber thrilled don't they? 

This is my step-father holding Reese. See that fire stick to the right? About 7 seconds after the picture someone knocked it into my kid and my DH reacted with his "skilz" and saved the chicken costume kid.  

Here we are on the tractor ride. 
Buck up little birds! We have 3 more Halloween events to strut your chicken selves around in your "man-leggings". Yeah......

Saturday, October 22, 2011

a simple transformation

i had this pair of jeans i wasn't going to wear anymore. 
i wanted a cute jean skirt.
i love ruffles.
i was in a crafty mood.
I cut the legs of my jeans and had a shirt (i wore it in an earlier post but the buttons kept popping open every time i moved) that i also wasn't going to wear anymore.
bing, bang, boom! 
a new skirt. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

In case you thought we were normal....

Let me reassure you things are as "normal" as ever. My twins are still underwear models and my daughter is, well, ......*sigh*....a hot mess!

Yeah, sissy, lookin' fine! Logan, Logan, Logan. What is a mother to say? You are a stud.  (try to overlook the marks on the couch....we are farmers. Farmers are dirty....and chickeny and don't have time to scrub farm dirt off the couch because we are too busy on Facebook). Don't you wish you were normal? ;)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm just not that into mock turtlenecks......

I have this little problem.....I'm just not that into mock turtlenecks. 
I know this is a sensitive subject for some Apple-lovers.
 I understand that certain black mock turtlenecks have been flying 
off the shelves in honor of the passing of Steve Jobs. 
I'm sure that they don't have NatGeo sized grape-cluster nodules hanging out with their thyroid. 
I took one of these shirts and "dorked"it up while the boys were honing their soccer skills outside with my DH. 

I cut off the mock part by simply following the seam. I tried it on and decided it needed a little more taken off (when will I ever say that again?) I stood in the mirror with a pencil and drew a line in the shape of a typical v neck style. I didn't want to "waste" the mock part. Why?.....I really don't know. 
I cut it in half and snipped it every couple mm's making a frayed look. 
I pinned the fray into the v-neck and sewed away. 

Here's the final outcome! I love it! 
There are a few other shirts I am going to hack away at and take an "off the rack" and make it my own.
Simmer down, Michael Kors and Daisy Fuentes, there's plenty of room on the racks for all of us. 

What would you wear from your closet if it was tweaked just a bit?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Family Day at Koetsier's.

We spent a wonderful, sunny day at Koetsier's last Friday. We have a Perks card and with the promotion Koetsier's was running and the card the whole day was only $8 for the whole family. We had such a wonderful day. Here are the boys in front of a stack of pumpkins for the obligatory "in front of pumpkins to celebrate fall" picture. 

Reese was also planted in front of stalks and pumpkins for her obligatory photo.

The boys painted pumpkins. I think we will have to get some paints at home....have you seen my carpet? 

See that man? 

Yeah....completely whooped. 
That girl works her magic and he is smitten with that little angel face.

The boys love to "drive" anything with wheels. It is mildly annoying when they grab someone's wheeled walker or try to take a workers hand truck away from them. 



Off they go.....

round and round this empty lot they go. I could hear all these other kids screaming for their moms trying to get out. Not my kids. They loved "driving" away from me, off on their own with the wind through their hair!! "Boys, can you pick up some milk and paper plates while you are out?" 

More driving.....thanks, dad, for helping us. 
Nice job, Cole. You are a farmer. 

Way to go, Farmer Logan. You plow the back 40!

If you can tear your eyes away from the hot mess in the middle look up and you can see a metal, welded rooster. I. want. one. There is a hysterical website with a story and picture of a metal chicken. If you've seen it...Knock, Knock.......;)

There are 2 goats behind the fence and the boys were so cute "come here, goats! Stop eating and come here!" Yeah, not so much. You've seen mama when she's eating. Unless Bruce Willis is calling from the shower, I am gonna plow through what's on my plate.

One lucky mama! See the shadow/bulge on my neck---Hello, Goiter! 

We asked this girl to take a picture of us....ummmm.....thanks so much for the great picture. Is that us? Oh well, prolly better you can't see us. We were so hot and sweaty waiting for the hay ride.

Me and my girl. 
I know there will be times in the future where she rolls her eyes, lies to me and requires more money than I make in a month, but for this day, this one moment, her father and I are her everything. I like that moment.

The boys are showing off their voucher coins for a Culvers ice cream. 

My monkies. 
Sitting in front of more chickens. 
I swear, I can't get away from them. The birds, not the kids. 
Sometimes the kids. 
Sometimes the hubs too. 
We had a fabulous time and some great memories were made.