Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a cute twist on jello.

We had a party at my friend's house and everyone was to bring a dish. I thought and thought about what to bring. I wanted to do something fun and unique. I remember seeing these somewhere and thought...."yep, it'll do." It's Jello!!
I cut oranges in half and scooped out all the insides then I made up some strawberry Jello and poured it in.
3 hours in the fridge and I cut them in wedges.

I thought they were great. I would do it with the Jigglers ratio next time instead of just the regular Jello ratio but....live and learn. I think they would be great as Jello shooters too. I've never had a Jello shooter but if I was in charge of making Jello shooters this is what I would do.
Maybe at your next get together this will make it's way onto your buffet table! Enjoy.

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