Sunday, July 3, 2011

because I really am that cheap.

You've seen these, right? The Lysol motion activated soap dispensers. I had a coupon. I have a weakness for them. They are usually like 14 bucks or so and I got mine for 3. You see what I mean. Or you don't. Anyways, so you use them and surprisingly they run out of soap! Now what? I don't want to buy refills. I'm too cheap. I know!! I'll refill it myself.

I lugged out the Costco hand soap refill and a needless syringe. At the top of the soap container is a "port". See where I'm goin' with this? Not rocket science.

I found it was easier to not "suck up the soap and then plunge" but rather leave the syringe in the port and pour in the soap then "introduce the plunger".

Plunge. Keep repeating this until it's full or you can't take your 2 2 year olds continuous running commentary on every move you make. "mommy put soap in", "mommy push it"," mommy flip soap over", "mommy cutting her wrists". The whole thing took less than 10 minutes.

Voila!! Just like you paid for it!

Don't forget to turn it off before you start.

Don't forget to turn it on after you finish. "Honey, this thing is broken, I can't wash my hands." *sigh*--don't forget, do yourself a favor.

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