Thursday, May 26, 2011

new helmets.

The boys got bikes for their 2nd birthday in December. The old house wasn't really suited for bikes....or being all together in the same we are super thrilled with the big concrete apron here at the new house. Along with the trike type bikes the boys got helmets. Here is the first donning of the Superman helmets.
 Look at Logan's face.."Seriously, mom, what is this thing under my chin? Ugh...the camera again. I gotta pee..."

 I think Cole's a little top heavy.....*sigh*.
I can see how riding a trike could be a little challenging wearing this.

Logan: "Sis, she totally made us wear these helmets and we didn't even get to ride our bikes...apparently it's raining again."

Reese: "I pooped".

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