Monday, May 9, 2011

I got bored and here's what $6 did to solve it.

Our beautiful new home holds hundreds (ok maybe tens) of fun projects. It could be described as a "hot mess". I love it. The bathroom is one such project. The vanity is a little on the dated side and needs a little demolition action love. We have plans to renovate but until then we need to get a little creative. Here's my idea of "a little creative".

I got a $6 tin of stain and went to town. (yes, new paint is on the list, simmer.) Andy was out doing chicken coop stuff. The second edition of the Cluck Mahal is being built in my backyard,,,,under my bedroom window. I needed to stain something.
I love it. I missed a few spots. I was distracted by trees falling in my yard to make way for the chickens. Yes, trees, with chainsaws....for chickens.....I need another project......


  1. It looks 100 times better! I like the baby faces in every picture :)

  2. Thanks! I can't wait to do the rest of it.