Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present, The Cluck Mahal.

 I am proud to present to the 7 of you that read my blog....The Cluck Mahal!! My DH "finished"it, finally. Complete with a run, massaging roosts, air filtration system, water bubbler so the girls can have fresh water whenever their little beaks are dry. I jest. It is wonderful, though. He worked so hard and now the ladies have paradise. Plop, ladies, plop.

Yes, I know it needs a good ol power wash and a coat of paint. He put the window in....Seriously, how could you not have ventilation?? Can't have the girls getting too hot. I don't eat hard boiled eggs. We are going all dork-tastic and making a "Cluck Mahal" sign. It's gonna hang over the door.

I am standing on our deck looking at our old house. That's Burt or Bert. I've never written it down before. He comes when you call him. He doesn't care if you call him Burt or Bert. I'm just sayin'.

 Hiya, honey! Whatcha doin'? Oh, moving the chickens from the old coop to the new coop! Look at that grin, peeps! He and his girls...That man's a fool for a Turkin or a Polish. That's Kreigh in the hat. He's been invaluable to Andy in the move and with all the chickens. Everyone should be so lucky to have a Kreigh in their life. He loves my kids and for that.....he's family to me. He also comes to Kreigh or Craig.....just sayin'.

Making the long walk ..... Need a water? A sandwich? I hear Gatorade makes a whole line of before, during and after workout drinks...what phase is this?

Drumroll, please!!!  They are in!!!

See them! They love it! Can't you tell? Yeah....I can't either but it's good to have them here.
Sorry, puppies. Remember when Riley got a chicken and was running around the yard with a dead chicken in his mouth? Yeah, the boys still talk about it. "No, Riley, put my chicken on the ground. Riley eat my chicken, Riley killed my chicken." Good times. I think I need to write children's books..............

Speaking of needing a power wash and a paint job.....I am almost done with the bathroom. See that blue? 2 coates of Kilz and she's a memory. Almost done....

Houston, we have a problem.... Mr Mantz, I still stink at Math. I doubled the recipe  or so I thought....Oh well, I got to cook with my kids.  They eat anything so, it's fine. Hubs doesn't eat anything and he loved them....awesome.


  1. So, what's the plan for all those eggs? Gonna go head to head with the VandeBunte's?

  2. They go to our church!! Ha, we pass them out on the DL around there!! Thanks for following me!