Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Have ya sipped it?

Have ya seen this stuff? It's MIO, a calorie free drink additive that adds flavor to your water.
There are several flavors to choose from. Tea, fruit punch and Berry pomegranate to name a few. I choose the Berry Pomegranate. I am into pomegranate lately.

I filled my "open stock" Crate and Barrel cup with my usual ice water and squirted away! The bottle says a good squirt for an 8 oz serving but it's really about what you like....and how many times you want to watch the swirl.....captivating.

Swirl, baby, swirl!
Delish! I am a water drinker so I don't need any bells and whistles to make me enjoy it but this is nice when I want a little flavor. I will definitely buy this again. It's $3.99 at Meijer so I will no doubt be looking for coupons.
If your not a plain  water lover this could be helpful in getting your 8 glasses a day!! Enjoy!

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