Saturday, April 30, 2011

all the planning in the world can't account for my kid...

So, we went to Twisted Rooster for my birthday dinner the other night with my MIL and Andy's Grandma. If you haven't been to Twisted Rooster on the Beltline, you really ought to try it. I haven't had anything I didn't like. The service is great and the food is inventive and really good. Anyways, after dinner they gave me a few cards and gifts (new set of cookie sheets!! holla!), it was nice.
My MIL pulls out two chinese take-out containers and puts them on the table. (I'm thinking I really hope there are some dumplings in one of them or at least a half pint of pork lo mein no one wants.) Apparently it was office personel appreciation week and she and her fellow co-workers received various items throughout the course of the week.

My MIL thought the boys would like one of the items so she put it in the take-out box to bring to the boys. (We are gonna have to have a talk about appropriate vessels to bring--can't be teasing me with the possibility of a good MSG coma...makes a chubby girl cranky!)
She carefully inspected the toy for lead, moving parts, inappropriate body parts and all other forms of treachery before  deeming the toys okay for the boys.

Ahh, my sweet, cute, curious and apparently HUNGRY boys........

Sorry Mr Zebra.....or I should prolly say...
 (on account of your ears being bit off and all).

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  1. lol so...Mama Necklaces may not be on your list but bite-proof toys should be.