Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crazy coupon lady lives!

                             How much do ya think I spent on this?

How about $8!!!

I hit Walgreens today armed with my binder of coupons and saved a whopping $51.00.
This was a good haul. The body wash was originally $4.99 and I paid $.79! This makes me happy. Not having a stinky hubby makes me very happy.
Everytime I pull my binder out the boys say "mamma cutting coupons".  Yeah, I know this has a potential to make my kids a little on the dorky side.

"Hey, Sarah wanna go on a date with me? I gotta coupon for a free meal at Applebees. We have to eat between 4 and 6 on Tuesday night and can only order burgers but hey at least it's cheap. I mean, you're not cheap. I would pay full price for you....i mean.....oh nilly."

 But hey, at least they'll never run out of bodywash and won't have to borrow any money from me....right?? Right??
I like using coupons, I like the challenge of finding a great deal. I like being that crazy coupon lady that has a divided binder filled with baseball card holders that are stuffed with coupons. Today I went in my Mr Rogers cardigan and no socks. I wonder if it's the coupons or the pity discount that saved me so much. 
Either way, it's fun for me!

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