Thursday, April 14, 2011

Andy made me a beautiful shoe organizer/bench for the old house. It is huge. We had the perfect place for it in the breezeway. There wasn't such a perfect place for it here but if I left it behind, the possibility of getting him to make me anything else decreases. "Honey, will you make me a planter for the deck?" "I would, Sweet Cheeks, but I don't want it left behind when we move again in 28 years." "Okay, I see your point...." See what I mean?? I had to find a place for it in the new place.
The master closet is just the place! It's perfect, tucked under my side of the clothes and able to hold ample footwear. One teeny, tiny was 2 inches too long. What to do? "Hey kid, bring your Ma a saw we'll fix it." Well "Pa" heard me and figured he would step in to offer his assistance. One of the youngin's was sleeping in our bed so he didn't want to fire up the circular saw, he pulls out the old hand saw! Straight up, Paul Bunyan type saw. I think Cole had a better idea....
Either way, it fits! Time to fill it with some shoes.
I encourage the boys to get in the kitchen with me and cook. I love the thought of them whipping something up while I sit and watch while we talk about their day. Today is not that day. Today is throw a potato around and try to catch it in a pot. Fun times.

The boys apparently didn't like where I put the pots and pans so they did a little rearranging.

Logan showing me the wonderful job he did of shredding some potato with my grater.  Thanks, monkey.
Hash browns anyone?

This is what I made for dinner while the boys were rearranging my pans. Spaghetti and meatballs. The boys ate so many meatballs....My husband doesn't eat meatballs. It's just one of the 7,241 things my husband doesn't eat.

It has been a little tiring getting the house set up......Daddy and Logan catching up on some zzzzz's.

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  1. Looks good Andy. The boys are so adorable!

    Hey...I need a shoe organizer or 4 or 5...for my (10) or 50 or 60 pr of shoes, last count anyway! I want you to know I did purge and got rid of 10 pair!! That's huge for me! LOL