Saturday, April 9, 2011

One for them, one for me......

 Our church is having an Easter Egg hunt and asked the congregation to fill 600 eggs. We grabbed 3 bags of empty eggs and a couple bags of Snickers and got to work.
I thought the boys would do okay. I mean, seriously they are 2. I figured they would throw the eggs all over the house, eat some of MYthe candy and generally not care. I.was.wrong. They had a blast! They love tasks. I love tasks. (Except putting laundry away.)

 I don't know whats going on with Cole's face. I always seem to snap the photo when he has his "3 sheets to the wind" face on. (Before you call CPS -no, my kid has never been "3 sheets to the wind". I've never been "3 sheets to the wind". I don't intend to hang 3 sheets in the wind....they make clothes dryers for a reason, peeps. ) Poor kid. Remind me not to take his prom or wedding photos.....

Logan, dear, opening each one and telling me that there is "candy in there" was cute at first but I'm holding your sister who, by the way, is eating like a starving man on a Christmas ham--she's heavy, hurry up and shut the carton! We can practice your counting another day---you ain't goin' to kindergarten tomorrow. I know that the snicker bar is in there. My nose can smell it through the little wrapper and plastic egg. Snickers are my favorite. They are healthy. I read an article in Maxim. What? They have good articles!

 Thanks for your help, boys. Now scurry off and put the laundry away for mommy, I have a snickers to eat...don't judge me! You are fibbing something fierce if you tell me you've never waited to eat something good and yummy until the kids or your honey were asleep and didn't have to share.

My unpacking is complete. I have all I Barefoot Contessa cookbooks.
 Things are going great in the new house. We are actually almost all unpacked. I admit I hit a little wall with the whole unpacking process. There's something tiring about packing something in a box, moving it and unpacking it in a day or two. As weird as it sounds, there is something disappointing about opening a box in your new place and seeing your old stuff. I needed a little break. I took it. I made baby gifts and food for new parents. I made a terrible pound cake. It was the first thing I baked in my oven...I probably should have bought them a pound cake instead to go with the berries and whipped cream. Hopefully, it fell on the floor and they never ate it.
The break rejuvenated me and I unpacked and cleaned quite a bit today. It's slowly coming together...

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  1. We DID eat the pound cake, and we loved every bite. I'm not joking - I ate it for dessert for 3 nights straight and looked forward to it every time.