Saturday, June 30, 2012

Something off the internet ACTUALLY WORKS!!!

You've heard me talk about the state of my carpet before.
I am always looking for someway to clean it, hide it or ways to ignore it.
So far, I have been unsuccessful.
 (Asking guests to wear my sleepmask over their eyes isn't received well....)
I was on Pinterest a week ago (anyone else getting bored with Pinterest?) and saw a stain remover blog.
I figured I would give it a whirl.

 Remember the syrup stain?
I tried a handful of things.
Nothing worked.
Then, the Heavens opened and this blog fell into my lap with it's amazing remedy.
Ammonia, hot water, clean rag and your iron.

 Can I get an Amen?!
This has not been photoshopped or altered in any way, shape or form.
I am too dumb to do any of that and don't even know if I have it on my computer.

Wanna see more?

Still not a believer?
Here's another.

These stains have been attacked with a "professional cleaning" by L& N (they were terrible), a carpet cleaner I bought with a bottle of $14 cleaner and a stiff brush with some Lysol.
Nothing worked until I used straight up Ammonia, microwaved some water til it was almost boiling and my hot iron.
Dear internet,
I am now a believer.
Whatever you say, I will now believe.

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