Thursday, September 6, 2012

We survived our first day of preschool!!
I was so certain that I was going to be a complete wreck...nope! 

Well, it IS a farm preschool....

The kids noticed the horse needed more water...yep, FFA right here, people!

Look at this place! I am so thrilled our kids get to be the first class in the new barns. 

Wanna know what is in the silo? 
The art room! 

Yep, nothing is safe.
The kids school bags were to be labeled "prominently" with the kid's names. 
Challenge accepted. 
I cut out the letters with my Cricut and then used fabric paint.
School is fun.

First day outfits. 

Where did my 5lb babies go? 
Are they really 3 already?
"Mom, you promise the kids won't make fun of my bags?"

One really proud mama.

Proud daddy.

Logan, Reese and Cole. 

So, maybe Logan needed a little gentle prodding to go have a great first day. 
We got a phone call saying that all the crying had stopped and that he was having a good time.

With their "man-cklaces" they made in art class. 
What a day. What a really good day. 
I get to bring snack for 36 kids on the 18th....
School is fun.

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