Thursday, June 14, 2012

U-Pick, really, YOU pick them....

There is a fabulous resource here in Grand Rapids called It's run by a mom named Melody. It is busting at the e-seams with wonderful things to do and see for kids of all ages. We have used this quite a bit to feel like good, non-lazy parents get the kids out and experience some fun stuff.
I was "catching up on the news" as the boys call it when I got up the other morning and saw a list of places that have "U-Pick strawberries".
I had a sudden hankering for freezer jam.
This was going to be our day.
Andy got that "Oh, goody...." look when I filled him in on our plans.
Off we went to Ed Dunnebeck's farm in Alpine Twp.

This girl worked like a machine. She never once picked a green strawberry.

Pick, pick....

Fill the bucket....

That'a girl!
My little farmer in the making.

The boys.....they had fun.
They asked me EVERY BERRY THEY PICKED if it
was red enough.
"Ahhhh!!! For the love of all! Just put it in the bucket. It's like when your father puts away silverware or pans or socks or facecloths.....I will find it and put it where it really goes. I will pick out the hard, green nubs of strawberries before we pay. I ain't paying for those...."

My sweet Cole. I told him I could still see white on the bottom of his bucket and he needed to keep picking....He turned the bucket over to see the white at the bottom of his bucket.

My sweet boy....You got time to lean, you got time to pick more berries.
Now, get on it.
How am I supposed to be all "mom of the day" making homemade jam if I have no berries.
Get going....pick!! Pick, I say.
What? You haven't peed on a tree here yet? Well, son, we can't have that now.
Off to the apple orchard you go.

Yep, we got a ton of berries, made a few memories and some delish jam.
Next time we do "u-pick" it will be more like....."u-pick the flat of already picked berries in the air conditioned store while your kids stay in the car with your hubs".
What next
Bring on the fun!

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  1. Kate - LOVE it!! What's next you ask? There are soooo many things to choose from this summer. Really depends on what your next hankerin' is =)

    Summer concerts on the lawn or a fair or festival sound like a nice choice to me! Let us know where your next adventure leads.