Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father's day, Chicken Freak!

I stink at keeping surprises. 
I am not sure how I did it for 4 months but I did!
Happy Father's Day, babe.
Here's your gift.......

Wait for it, wait for it......

Waiting....wondering who the heck these 2 guys are and what is getting pulled out of the back of their truck.

"Mom, there is a man here! "
"Really, son?"

It's a Chicken! 
I commissioned this wonderful chainsaw artist to make a chicken for Farmer Andy. 
I left him a note on a stump at Flowerland on 28th st and this is what we got!

This is the artist on the left, Jack Eppinga and his dad....Jack Eppinga's dad.
Instantly liked them. 


A man and his kingdom......thank the good Lord he likes simple things. 
A cold Mt Dew, lukewarm pizza, healthy kids, and chickens.....oh, and me. (What? I can be simple....when he does what I want, when I want, how I want it done. Simple!)

Super thrilled with the outcome. 
Mr Jack has some pieces around town. If you are on Thornapple River and see some carvings on the way to's his work. 
or his website @

Momma? Momma?!

Happy Father's Day, honey. You are so loved.

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