Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pizza Hut P'zolo review

A guy at work ordered some Pizza Hut and I figured I would throw him $3 and try the new P'zolo.
I ordered the Steak and cheese.
It comes with either Ranch or Marinara for dipping.
I ordered the ranch.....
hmmmmm, their Ranch is a funny color......

How was it?
It was good. I really enjoyed it.
The commercial says to ditch the foot long (or something) and get a P'zolo.
Yeah, not so much. It was tiny.
Like 4 bites and gone, tiny.
It was hot with a crispy outer crust sprinkled with Asiago cheese that had a delicious saltiness.
The inside was adequately filled with mixture of steak, cheese and onions and peppers.
I didn't find it greasy. I don't know if I would have noticed. I was starving!
Shocking, I know.
I would have preferred to have the ranch dipping instead of the marinara but, again, it didn't stick around too long!
I would get it again.
I would order the 2 for $5.
Ok....I would order 4 for $ kids would prolly like a bite.

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