Monday, March 26, 2012

Goiters and's how we roll.

I know! Avert your gaze. See how big and crazy that goiter is? 
It is a genetic thing not because I don't eat enough iodonized salt....believe me. 
It didn't hurt to have it but I have noticed pressure when I laid down on my back. 
I also couldn't wear some necklaces, and since I'm such a fashionista, it really hampered my style.
Post total thyroidectomy. I really thought the neck slashing incision would be larger. 
When the doctors made the rounds they kept saying "it was so massive", "it was huge" as they pushed on the tape. 

I have a neck! 
I can feel my clavicle now. There is a huge dent now where the goiter was. 
Try not to be distracted that, yes, I am in the same shirt for the before picture as I am in the after. Besides the tape on my neck, I can tell it's the after by the greasy hair...48 hours til I could shower.  Yep, I'm giving it 72 hours just to make sure....

Look what I get to come home 3 gangsters. 
Andy was fantastic taking care of me. He let me sleep for a couple days without any responsibility...I have no idea where he learned that. 
I will never go back to Blodgett for any other surgery. Metro only for me!
I got attitude from the nurses when I didn't report any change in the pain. I had a terrible reaction to Dilaudid with tachypnea at about 60 and crushing chest pain and the nurse took a scheduling phone call and said she would check on my when I was done. (Gee, thanks)
The nurses station was a sorority hall with contests, laughing, throwing things and tap dancing all night. Housekeeping came and cleaned my room complete with shaking open the garbage bags at 3AM. Makes sense to me......I had paperwork thrown at me and had to justify why I needed more pain meds. 
I was even snapped at by food services for having the nerve to try to order a fruit platter AND mac and cheese. How was I to know that counted as 2 entrees?!? 
I couldn't wait to get out of there. 
Glad to be home. On to the next chapter.


  1. I also had an awful time there. I had to be there for a week :( I was suppose to be in a private room because my immune system was pretty much gone and the nurse got so mad when the doctor told her I was right. It went down hill from there. I do however hope you have a good recovery. Sending lots of prayers your way.

  2. It was a hidden "madam's apple" removal:)