Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Opening my hand is hard....

This past Saturday we went to Java Gym for the first time to celebrate a friend's birthday. That place is wonderful! At first, they were a little unsure, but after seeing me climbing all over and going down the slides (yes, it was as ridiculous as you are currently imagining)
 they decided if it's good enough for me, it's good enough for them.
They had a blast!

Cole coming down the slide. 
(anyone have a 7.0 ETT, stylet and a scope?)

"Yeah, slide, I own you now."

Mister Logan enjoying the slide. He kept his hat and coat on for about an hour. After a couple up and downs on the jumpy, bouncy, climby things he took them off. He was serious now.

I had such a hard time with the whole multi-age, unsupervised, open play. It was hard to see 6 & 7 yr old Goliaths pushing my kid as they ran by them and cut their way to the front of the slide. I admit, I wanted to bash some heads but I realized--as much as I want to keep them under my wing, this is life.
 I want them to fall down, I want them to fail at things, I want them to be unsure and scared in new situations. It's my hope that knowing I will be there to support them, offer them a hand up and a dusting off from time to time, they will try new things and explore life.

What was Reese doing while we were conquering slides and nylon bridges?

Dreaming up new ways to scare her father.
"Hey dad, I climbed up on the buffet table."

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  1. My kiddos LOVE Java Gym! They are all over those things, fearless. So much for the cute little toddler area with the squishy blocks...