Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fresh entryway.

Our house needs a bit of love. It's no secret. If you've been here you know. 
This is my entryway. Here is where I welcome the pizza guy my family and friends into my home. 
Yeah, you can see why I sit alone at night and watch NCIS....
The sun is shining and I wanted to get some fresh air into my kids. These sunshiney days make me want to DO STUFF.  Like....put away the kids sleds now that it is 62degrees out. Or maybe wash and store the pet bowls now that both cats are dead. I mean, I don't want to rush the mourning process. The base to the carseat, you ask? For a carseat that we have outgrown? I suppose I could store it for use when someone drops some triplets off on my door step....

Off we went to Target. I saw some nice cushions and pillows in the outdoor section and thought how simple and quick. The Rubbermaid bench needed to be burned at the stake a little revitalization so we picked up some spray paint. I have used the Krylon for plastic in the past and thought it was wonderful. 

 I love it. Our chicken found a new home right out front. 

Here's the bench after a little spray paint love. Simple cushions and out of my comfort zone modern pillows. I have a couple uber stylish friends with great taste and I channeled them big time. I love it.

I took down the brass numbers and sprayed them too. 
Quick, easy and came out smooth as a well poured ganache.

Somehow, it all comes back to the chickens. Happy now with your new home??? Fantastic!
How much did this cost? Just a buck and some change under $50. 
There is still a lot of work to do but this makes it less abandoned looking.....