Thursday, March 15, 2012

Who's manning the couch???

This weather is ridiculous! Open the windows and blast Taylor Swift, Melissa Etheridge,  (pick a band that makes me sound cooler than I am). I have been blessed with some great hours at work so I don't get to enjoy the weather as much as say.....these monkeys!

Andy took the kids for a walk down to the water. The boys are in short sleeves for the first time this year. Reese is in a long sleeve thermal....a sign of things to come, I imagine.
 "I don't care that everyone is wearing bathing suits to swim!
If they all jumped off a bridge, would you jump to?"
Oh, baby girl......

This brings a tear to this mama's eye....I played soccer forever. I lived, breathed and am now hobbled in my old age because of that black and white ball. "Use your laces, girlie." I can still hear my mom's voice in her thick Boston accent yelling from the sidelines. "Get in there, Katie-girl!" It came out like "Get in thayer, Katie-gurl!" Good memories... 

"Hey, boys, grab that there log the storm felled and throw it in that there burn pile. Daddy's gonna take a picture for your hard workin' momma. Girlie, stay back, let the boys work."
Knowing my munchkins are having great days makes strapping on the boots a lot easier for me.
 Someone's gotta pay for long sleeve thermal shirts off season.....

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