Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I can't make this stuff up....

My parents are in town. 
It's been great having them hang out with the kids and my step-father fixes things. 
I get to run errands and get stuff done with built in child care. 
I had to run to Kalamazoo to pick up some of my Cozees so I was gone for a couple hours. 
I get a call.
From my husband.
To the untrained ear it might sound a little strained like the kids knocked over his last Mt Dew or deleted the season finale of "Sons of Guns". 
But, to the married trained ear it clearly sounded like...."YOU LEFT ME ALONE WITH YOUR MOTHER AND SHE IS BEING.....YOUR MOTHER, and I no longer wonder about why you are the way you are." Yeah, it sounded like that. 
Wanna know what happened?
First, swallow anything in your mouth.
Second, cover your mouth so you don't wake your sleeping kids.

My mom decided while I was out to do some laundry. 
Sounds benign enough.
I mean-- she's done a gillion loads in her years.
Here is the set up. There is the washing machine (I know, it's amazing that we have the original machine from Mr. Kenmore, himself....My beautiful red LG Troms are in the other house) with not one, but TWO options for laundry soap.  Not good enough for my mom though. She looks around for another option.....
THIS is what she finds.
THIS is what she adds.
It is cat litter.
Cat litter.
She saw the orange Arm n Hammer and went all in. 
How about the orange tabby on the box??
My hubs had to vacuum out clumps of wet cat litter from my mom's clothes. 
His mother in laws clothes.....
Yeah, I almost drove off the road. 
I get it honest, people. 

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