Sunday, October 2, 2011

What 8 bucks will get you......back!!

So.....I haven't posted in a while. Our card reader thingy broke and since it was not a basic need it got put to the bottom of the list. I didn't realize they were....8 bucks!! What? I never claimed to be smart! So, I'm back to blogging and posting pictures. Let's get caught up!!
Our sweetie pie Reese is 9 months old and just a doll. She is standing now, crawling all over and eating anything you put in front of her. Much to the uneasiness of her father! He's home with the kids when I go to work so he gets to see a bunch of her firsts!

The boys, as you can see, haven't changed their wardrobe at all. Undies all day long. They are fully potty trained and it's the best! 

They love to wear my flip flops and Andy's hats so I hit up the $1 bins at the craft stores for their's a little more "Broadway Musical" than I thought (sequins and glitter, much?!)  but they are two....what do they know?

I love being back to work. It gives me people to make food for. This is a Banoffee pie. Toffee, bananas, whipped cream- so very delish. 

The boys love to vacuum- we must have just gotten back from somewhere because they are clothed.

My monkies! It looks a little bare in there....I am looking forward to sprucing up the place now that we have a great 2nd paycheck coming in. 

My Cozees are doing really well. I have had some great moms give me some real life practical feedback that I really appreciate and used it to make the product even better. I don't want just a good product, I want a great product. So that when your friend says "Guess what? I'm pregnant!" You say "Congratulations, I have the perfect gift for you!" 
Life is good right now. I am so happy to be back at work. Andy is doing great, the chickens are....chickeny ( i am so sorry there are no chicken pictures....just picture a chicken). The kids are healthy and happy and we are amazed everyday at them. Okay, maybe every other day....
I am looking forward a great fall! 

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