Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween at Boulder Ridge!

We are taking up Russian Ballet! 
Just kidding! The boys are gonna be chickens for Halloween this year and they needed to have yellow tights. I couldn't find any yellow or orange tights anywhere so I bought white and just did a quick dye job. Oh...they aren't tights they are "Man-leggings".  Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing....Graduation photo board!

Here are the costumes. I love them. (you too, boys, but enough about you) My DH helped me cut out some of the 4,826 feathers. Still trying to figure out what he wants.....I thought I had till Thursday to get them finished but then I realized that Boulder Ridge had their Halloween event ending tonight so "lazy mamma" had to morph into "hot-glue super fast" mamma. 

Okay....I know....Reese's egg costume leaves a little to be desired. I did have great visions for it but I guess I forgot about the whole "gotta carry you around or put you in a stoller" aspect. Yeah...sorry kid. You get the 5 minute costume.  Welcome to the beginning of a long life of crazy.

Here we are at Boulder Ridge. 

As you know, we gave 2 of our goats to Boulder so it's always a treat for my DH to visit his girls.  

"Hey chicken, come here! Your mom is a freak, she needs to simmer."

Son, look away, look away!

When you go to Boulder you have to go into the Aviary.  (That lady looking like she is at the starting block for big race...yeah that's my mom. She's to blame for my crafty-dork gene.) This time the boys did much better at holding the seed sticks. There was a lot less shrieking and shaking of the stick. Congrats on growing up.

Logan. Way to go honey. That 2 oz bird sure knows it's place.

Cole. Yeah, I know. It's almost over. Stay strong oh chickeny one.

Me and my egg. Looking good, Reese. 

Isn't that a fabulous picture? The boys look uber thrilled don't they? 

This is my step-father holding Reese. See that fire stick to the right? About 7 seconds after the picture someone knocked it into my kid and my DH reacted with his "skilz" and saved the chicken costume kid.  

Here we are on the tractor ride. 
Buck up little birds! We have 3 more Halloween events to strut your chicken selves around in your "man-leggings". Yeah......

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