Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Family Day at Koetsier's.

We spent a wonderful, sunny day at Koetsier's last Friday. We have a Perks card and with the promotion Koetsier's was running and the card the whole day was only $8 for the whole family. We had such a wonderful day. Here are the boys in front of a stack of pumpkins for the obligatory "in front of pumpkins to celebrate fall" picture. 

Reese was also planted in front of stalks and pumpkins for her obligatory photo.

The boys painted pumpkins. I think we will have to get some paints at home....have you seen my carpet? 

See that man? 

Yeah....completely whooped. 
That girl works her magic and he is smitten with that little angel face.

The boys love to "drive" anything with wheels. It is mildly annoying when they grab someone's wheeled walker or try to take a workers hand truck away from them. 



Off they go.....

round and round this empty lot they go. I could hear all these other kids screaming for their moms trying to get out. Not my kids. They loved "driving" away from me, off on their own with the wind through their hair!! "Boys, can you pick up some milk and paper plates while you are out?" 

More driving.....thanks, dad, for helping us. 
Nice job, Cole. You are a farmer. 

Way to go, Farmer Logan. You plow the back 40!

If you can tear your eyes away from the hot mess in the middle look up and you can see a metal, welded rooster. I. want. one. There is a hysterical website with a story and picture of a metal chicken. If you've seen it...Knock, Knock.......;)

There are 2 goats behind the fence and the boys were so cute "come here, goats! Stop eating and come here!" Yeah, not so much. You've seen mama when she's eating. Unless Bruce Willis is calling from the shower, I am gonna plow through what's on my plate.

One lucky mama! See the shadow/bulge on my neck---Hello, Goiter! 

We asked this girl to take a picture of us....ummmm.....thanks so much for the great picture. Is that us? Oh well, prolly better you can't see us. We were so hot and sweaty waiting for the hay ride.

Me and my girl. 
I know there will be times in the future where she rolls her eyes, lies to me and requires more money than I make in a month, but for this day, this one moment, her father and I are her everything. I like that moment.

The boys are showing off their voucher coins for a Culvers ice cream. 

My monkies. 
Sitting in front of more chickens. 
I swear, I can't get away from them. The birds, not the kids. 
Sometimes the kids. 
Sometimes the hubs too. 
We had a fabulous time and some great memories were made. 

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