Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another great week at the Acres.

"I know, I know, I tried what you said. I upped the aeration on their bubbling water, I booked the massage therapist for an extra hour a day and I changed their stereo to a 34 disc cd-changer. Any other complaints from around  the Acres?"

"what? Oh, hey honey, this isn't what......*sigh*....yes it is."

Reese looking all...Reese-ish. This kid is crazy cute and a cuddler. Her hair is a hot mess. Like Merideth Grey in the first 4 seasons of Grey's Anatomy kind of hot mess.  With a style maven like me for a mom, I'm sure you are super surprised. I just hit Old Navy for long sleeve T's...yeah....maven.

Here is a shameless plug for my business.  I do custom blocks. This order was for "purple and ballet". I love it. I am definitely liking the whole "3D" thing. Head on over to to order yours! ok....I'm done!

The kids got to go "Trick or treating" at their Grandma's office. All the lawyers put buckets of candy outside their office and the kids go through and get some.  When I say candy...I mean CANDY. Like full size "I just found OJ's diary" sized candy.  "Grab the Snickers, baby, the brown, not that one...oh, great baby! I love Starburst....."

Reese getting in on the action. Yep, she ate candy. 

Hoover it baby. Don't let a silly thing like packaging get in your way. Get on that. 

All tuckered out after their adventure. 
"What? No, you didn't have any Reese's Peanut butter cups or Snickers honey. 
You must have dreamed it."

I have a coupon for a free 8x10 canvas print or $50 off any canvas print size....this is a top candidate for  our wall. I think no matter what kind of day I am having ( no, honey, don't read into that. Everyday with you is sunshine and puppies.) looking at that face will brighten it up. 
Hope your day is great!

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