Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm just not that into mock turtlenecks......

I have this little problem.....I'm just not that into mock turtlenecks. 
I know this is a sensitive subject for some Apple-lovers.
 I understand that certain black mock turtlenecks have been flying 
off the shelves in honor of the passing of Steve Jobs. 
I'm sure that they don't have NatGeo sized grape-cluster nodules hanging out with their thyroid. 
I took one of these shirts and "dorked"it up while the boys were honing their soccer skills outside with my DH. 

I cut off the mock part by simply following the seam. I tried it on and decided it needed a little more taken off (when will I ever say that again?) I stood in the mirror with a pencil and drew a line in the shape of a typical v neck style. I didn't want to "waste" the mock part. Why?.....I really don't know. 
I cut it in half and snipped it every couple mm's making a frayed look. 
I pinned the fray into the v-neck and sewed away. 

Here's the final outcome! I love it! 
There are a few other shirts I am going to hack away at and take an "off the rack" and make it my own.
Simmer down, Michael Kors and Daisy Fuentes, there's plenty of room on the racks for all of us. 

What would you wear from your closet if it was tweaked just a bit?

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