Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our trip to Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park.

 We went to opening day on July 30th with 2 other families and had a great time. The weather was great-hot but a nice breeze. It was new so the overwhelming hot poo smell was barely noticeable. Not like at home where poo filled diaps get wedged under the computer and proceed to bake and fill the house with smell. Who knew visiting a pasture of Bison would smell better than my house? I do, now!
 My sweet Reese wearing her brother's hat because Mama's too cheap to lay down a couple bucks for a new one when this neutral one works just fine. It looked so cute all floppy around her head.

 She sat in the stroller for hours enjoying the views (and the fresh air...). It was nice to see her sitting there in something other than her carseat. My peanut is growing up.

 So, we walk into the park and are met with a kid handing out cotton candy. Like, first thing, like I haven't taken 5 pictures of you yet and now you'll be covered in smurf. But, not wanting to go all Kate Gosselin on them and freak out if they get dirty I plucked two from the kid and handed them to my boys.
 Funny thing-when your kids are slightly OCD and can't stand being dirty (like walk on their heels when they get sand from the softball field in their sandals until they get to grass and can finally relieve the agony of grit) they stay surprisingly pristine. They see smurf on each others face and proceed to get out a wipe and wipe their faces and hands and anything around them. Yeah for OCD!
 Girl, don't give me that look. Reese clearly isn't pleased in being slathered in sun screen. Her friend Anni came ready to party.
African Crown Cranes
A really big tortoise.  We want to get one. I want one that walks around both inside and outside. Our friend "Reptile Rick" who is a huge part of the park had one at his house we looked at and he said it had been neglected. It had a soft shell from lack of nutrition and he gave it Tums to strengthen it's shell. I found that so interesting. They couldn't take away my heartburn when I was prego but by golly they do a  fantastic job hardening the shell of a turtle. 

We went into the aviary and oh the fun we had! There were somewhere in the area of 487,00 parakeets that would eat seed off of sticks that you bought for a buck and held.
They were every color of the rainbow. Not being a parakeet aficionado I didn't know they were so beautiful. Probably what people think about our chickens.....or not.
Logan took a minute to adjust to them and the fact he couldn't just walk over and pick one up like at home with the chickens. Yeah, my boys a chicken chaser!
Our friend Alison and her sweet daughter Anni enjoyed the aviary too!
Fellow Cascade FF Todd and his beautiful daughter Leah were pros at the feedings.
I love Reese's eyes. They are big and beautiful and when she smiles her whole face lights up.
Great job, Logan.

Nice work, Cole.
My DH, Andy, getting in on the action. Will we ever get a bird? I don't know. I imagine that we won't. An indoor/outdoor turtle that is a maybe, though.

Well, lookey here! It's our goats!! Macey in black and Marge up front sporting white. Hello, ladies! I know it's a little different here, what with no slide, swingset, big honkin' wooden spools littering the yard that you chewed and chewed, nope. Looks like a standard animal pen with straw and hay works just fine! Huh, who knew!?

This here is a gator. This gator gets the chickens that quit laying and the chickens that turn out to be roosters at our house.  Yeah, your welcome.
This is our friend, Reptile Rick. He is so smart and generous with his time and knowledge. He asked the boys to pick anything they wanted to touch and he would get it for them.
Yep, they choose an alligator. Look at my babies flushed cheeks. They are so cute.
                                             I love that Reese can hold her own bottle.

Birds, large birds.
The glorious tractor ride. We saved it for last. Our guide, Terry was funny and informative. I tend to like factoidy type things. The tractor ride took us through the animals of Africa.

A majority of the zebras are prego. I will never be prego again. We will have to go back and see the babies. The park was a fantastic time. Not so big that your miserable trying to see everything to get your monies worth. Great layout, friendly staff. If your looking for a way to spend 3 hours, take a drive to Alto and check them out. 
Thanks Rick and Sara!

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