Thursday, July 28, 2011

We are finally back online!

Our laptop died. I pulled out our desktop, it died. Riley got another chicken, it too, died. We can't find the bunny......Anyways! There is so much to update the 11 of you on! Kids are great, growing like weeds, eating like a football team. Andy is good and really excelling at his job as a recliner and remote tester. I am hoping to get back to work very soon. We have no complaints! I mean if someone wanted to drop 50k in my lap I wouldn't say no! We got a generous donation of beautiful floors from a great couple at church. They just bought a great place and didn't like the floors so they ripped them up and gave them to us! If you'd seen my hot mess of ripped yellow linoleum you'd know why we are sooooo doing the happy dance.
here is the foyer...before.

it's looking better already!

Andy did such a fantastic job. We put the old trim back up for now. Later we will get some nice chunky, fresh trim.....ahhhh, we have such a case of the "somedays". Good news is that my boss called and it looks like I will be getting back to work very soon. 

my sweet boys found a bug of some sort that was running the "moat" between the expansion gap between the flooring and the wall. They proceeded to terrorize it by following it and swatting it everytime it poked it's little exoskeleton up. Notice they still are anti-clothes. We have begun putting them in undies....yeah, they have to wear all the pairs in the pack and then throw them in the laundry. Why? you must not have kids if you have to ask!! I guess it's better than what they have done in recent weeks. Buck naked running through the house smacking their butts screaming "commando means no panties"! Yeah, I got in trouble from the hubs for calling boys underwear "panties". I have since learned.

Here's the man hard at work making his castle wonderful and updated and less likely for his MIL to ask if she can "help clean the floors", ma, it's a hole that's ripped into the floor, it's not dirt. Thanks, though.

I don't know where the bug is honey. I guess you'll have to move onto lighting ant hills on fire....

See the grey strip on the right side of the door. It's duct tape....I wish there was something funny or witty to say right about now's duct tape.

Notice the kitchen floor...I know it's hard to notice anything other than my 2 monkies being....themselves but look at the floor. We had enough of the new floor to put in a new kitchen floor too. (we also have enough for the laundry room too....although you can't see it because it's covered in elmo undies).

I want to move the island and kitty corner it so it faces out to the livingroom and is like 4 miles closer to the rest of the kitchen but Andy isn't going for it. He likes that you can fit a Hummer in our kitchen.

Hi, beautiful girl. My last baby is almost 7 months old. 

Dad, are you gonna put pants on over those undies?? 

Holla!!! It's  a great day here at the Acres. I think every parent is feeling the same thing...FREEDOM!!

What happens when a certain little monkey decides that watering the garden means watering himself. I am again throwing my hat in the ring for "Mother of the year". Seriously!! Who lets their 2 2yr olds run around under the hose the day after the hubs mows the lawn?? I am an idiot! We stripped them nakers and let them spray each other and run around screaming like banchees. Welcome to Crazyville, new neighbors, yep, go right ahead and pull those blinds shut.

I apparently fell on an air compressor...what in the heck?? On another note...our garden is so great! We are getting great veg from it. The homemade topsy turvy tomatoes work great!

I know you are wondering "What about the chickens?" well here ya be. That one is actually a rooster so it went to the Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Zoo to "help" out the alligators. In case you don't takes a while to figure out the roosters from the hens. It has to do with the shape of their neck feathers and height of their tail feathers and yada yada...if you wake me up I will hunt you down and feed you to the gators. 

These are the newest addition. They are the Polish. We adore them. They got hair like Tina Turner after a round or two with Ike and we love it! Our new favorite restaurant Twister Rooster has incredible art with Polish chickens and after contacting the artist and finding out pricing we decided to just add some Polish to the roost and take our own pictures.  I know, I know-pictures of chickens in our kitchen! Yeah, I have surrendered. 

I was asked to be part of a group that is making new banners for the sanctuary at church. (News of my dork-dom can't be squelched). The banners will be 4 feet by 5 feet. The Pastor wanted to see a sample so I gathered my Jo-Ann's coupons and off I went. Here's the sample. It's 13 inches square made from felt. I like it. I think it will be fun.

I'm in trouble!! I feel my power draining from me. She's got him whooped. 

Hanging out with Grandpa Albright. Yeah, she's got him whooped too.

The boys with Grandma Albright and GG (Great Grandma). 

My potty training boys in the flesh...alot of flesh. 

Ahhh! I love it!

Seriously! So stinkin' cute!

Helping daddy drill. Daddy loves it when the boys "help". Mommy loves it because it takes 4 times as long to do it so that means 4 times as much time to myself. And the boys are bonding with their father and learning life lessons and all that other good mother stuff your supposed to say......whatever--I gotta check Facebook.

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