Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Albright Acres Barber Shop is now open

What happens when you get planted on the floor and are not able to escape whatever comes your way?
Your brother decides you're a hot mess and he knows what to do to fix it.

My sweet daughter was born with a weave. That girl has more hair than both her brothers. I had so much heartburn while she was baking I popped Tums (didn't work) and Zantac (did work, all Zantac workers deserve a raise.) like candy...or hot, fresh, salty McDonald's Fries. She has a curl that comes down on her forehead. Her Great Grandma is in love with that curl. It seems, however, her brothers are not.

 Why you ask are my children in long sleeve, long pants onsies when they are obsessed with being naked or wearing only panties undies? Well the female is in one because her legs get cold at night with the fan on and then she wakes up with popsicle legs. I put her in it and she sleeps and we all know when baby sleeps well, mama sleeps well. The boys are in one because......they saw it and decided "Hey, let's wear fleece in 80 degree weather." My boys are so smart. My boys take after their dad.
I can see 17 years from now the boys helping Reese get ready for prom. Thanks, baby girl for letting the boys comb your weave. Those 2 monkies love you, bean butt. When we get a case of head lice from Susie in 2nd grade we know who to call.....

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  1. They are so cute! We really should plan a play date soon for the babies!