Tuesday, March 1, 2011

bacon done right!

I am married to a picky eater. I could go on and on about what my DH will or won't eat and the so very logical reasons behind his decisions but I have alot of things to do today.

One of the things he loves is bacon. Who doesn't? However....there is ALWAYS a however, it has to be crispy. All over. If any of the fat is less than hard as roof flashing it will be left on the plate. I am used to just eating this glorious pork product however way is served to me or I make. I am not a picky eater (have you seen me, this is not an epiphany, people).

Here's how to get it crispy, the good kind of crispy. The kind of crispy that makes you eat your portion and eye your kids portion thinking "I don't want to contribute to childhood obesity".

Got a pen? This is rocket science. (well it did take me alot of bacon to figure out what I'm sure you all know).
                                     Put cold bacon in a cold pan and put the burner on low.

That's it. I know, think of all the pork that my DH could have enjoyed had I only known. A moment of silence for the wasted pig....is that crunching I hear?? This simple process turns the bacon crispy and crunchy and flat! The fat has time to melt and render out without seizing up and curling on itself. Perfect for the quintessential sandwich, the BLT.


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