Wednesday, March 16, 2011

this is my life......

We have been given a huge blessing. One of those once in a blue moon, "can you repeat that because I must not have heard you correctly", blessings. We are house swapping with our neighbor. Her life has taken a change with kids being out of  the house and a change of marital status so she could use less room. We just popped out our 3rd kid and with my husband climbing the ranks at Animal Hoarders International we can use more room.
So, it's toting up things and tossing out things. We have had so much fun going through boxes of stuff long forgotten and rehashing memories (in his case--marriage!). I will confess it had been challenging living with totes stacked up and eating off paper plates, but oh so fun dreaming of paint colors and appliances. We are on schedule to close by the end of next week and move as soon as possible after close.
We will be putting a moving request out there to our friends to help us get the rest of our stuff over and her stuff over here! We would love any help when we find out the move date.
I got a call that my surgeon had a cancellation so my gallbladder will be taken out at noon tomorrow instead of a month and half from now. I am so happy about that. I am so happy that we were slightly obnoxious and zealous about packing when we found out the bank accepted our offer. The house is 78.3% packed. I will not be able to lift anything for a couple days or a week or whatever I can milk out of I am glad there is not alot left to move. We have been putting all the packed totes over at the new house so when you guys come help there is less to move (wink,wink).
We are so excited about this and the timing couldn't be better because Reese is about done with the bassinet and needs her crib set up.
Thank you for all your prayers and encouraging words during this process. Eat your wheaties and take your Motrin moving day is a-coming!!

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