Thursday, March 3, 2011

more chicks.....

 Tis the season. What season? you ask.... the season for acquiring superfluous animals. The season for feeling the need to drive to Lowell and pick out 6 more chicks to add to our current count of 15. or is it 14? who cares- really- it's all feathers and weird ugly chicken toes when you peek in the coop. Have you looked at the chicken's toes? Right out of a voo-doo shop. Ew.... Anyways, we packed up the kids and promised "more chicken" and Cole kept saying "I hold, I hold chicken". Yes, sweet boy you can hold a chicken.

My DH built a wonderful brooder for our newest chicks. (who'd a thunk I would be speaking "chicken") So after we got home from picking out chickens from 100 gallon galvanized troughs filled with cheeping chicks and quacking ducks it was time to remove them from the box and place them lovingly into their new home.....oh dear chicks, you should have run faster.  

My dear boys dove right in and started to unload the chicks. There might have been some early flight school demos as the boys tossed them over the wall into the wood shavings....just one or two. (All chicks remained unharmed in the unloading/flight school final exam process).

"Sweetie, give the chick to mommy. Good, job honey." I think some of these poor chickens will plop out scrambled eggs for life! 

 You can see Mr FFA double fisting his chickens. Logan jumped right in and was so "helpful".  Andy installed plexi-glass in the side so the kids can watch the chicks. I love this feature. The boys are going to have such fun hanging out in the breezeway watching them zig and zag.
Perfect height for endless hours of chick watching...

 Logan loves to wear daddy's work gloves.
Apparently, it looks different from the top. How uncomfortable does that look?

Here is the brooder in all it's glory.

Chicks, chicks and more egg laying chicks.
Ah, yes the life of a farmer. New baby chicks to feed, medicate, make sure they have a heat lamp, make sure the heat lamp doesn't turn them into fried chicken and change their litter every other day so they don't get ugly chicken toe rot. If you are so inclined to become a farmer heed my advice dear friend.....grow wheat.

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