Thursday, February 24, 2011

Broken noodle risotto.

I love this dish. It's creamy, cheesy and crammed full of carbs. Don't get me started on how many calories or what would Dr Atkins say....this is comfort food. This erases the fact you changed your shirt twice after your newborn puked on you and refused to change it a third time because you are the one doing laundry and the Red Wings are playing so the hubs doesn't even realize you are in the room.
 I don't really measure a whole lot it's more of how much I like something or what I think works.
     Saute an onion in EVOO and a little butter. (Zip it, people. Comfort food remember.)
        Grab your block of parm and grate until your arm hurts. Roughly a cup. If you buy the pre-grated consider trying a block and grating it yourself. You will be surprised at the difference.

 Here's the whole "broken noodle" part of the "broken noodle risotto".  Take your spaghetti or fettucini and well....break it!  I break mine in thirds. Toss is all in with the onions and stir to coat.

To go along with the pasta, I made porkchops coated with cornflakes and parm. Super simple but surprisingly delish!

Andy picked up these boneless, center cut pork loin chops for me. I prefer bone in chops but these did not disappoint. I seasoned with salt and pepper and dipped them in an egg wash. I seasoned the egg wash with dried oregano, salt and pepper and garlic. Take a swim porkie!

I threw the cornflakes and parm in a bag and smashed them with my rolling pin. In goes the chops and shake, shake, shake!
 Into a pan with some oil to sear them up. Oh, the smell. The nuttiness of the parm really comes through as the pan does it's thing.
After your have coated your noodles with the goodness of the butter and evoo with the onions add your chicken stock that you have been heating in another pan.
                                         .                                 Stir, stir and more stirring. Turn your heat to medium and stir. When the stock is no longer visible in the bottom of the pan add some more. Continue stirring....the whole glorious process takes about 20 minutes.  
Finish searing the chops and toss them in the oven at 425 for about 10 minutes.

Here's the good part, people. ADD THE CHEESE, a splash of milk and any fresh herbs here. I added a bunch of black pepper too.

Stir. Sample. Sample again just to be sure. Just one more sample.....oops the kids are coming. Wipe your chin.

This is what ended up on our plates. A little veg, a little grilled bread. Not bad. Not bad at all. 

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