Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My babes and the reason I wear paper tape.

My mom wants more pictures of Reese on the blog. I don't intentionally leave her out! Let's be honest, though....she doesn't really do a whole lot that I grab the camera and click, click, click. "oh! she's drooling!" "For the Love, where's the Camera?? Reese is sucking a pacifer swinging in her swing!!" Yeah, your welcome for sparing you. However, she is doing some great stuff so there will be more of her now. She sits up, holds her bottle and I swear she's really close to figuring out the crawling thing. Her smile melts me and I hope she keeps it because it illuminates her whole face.
The boys are better than great with her. They sing "Jesus loves me" to her and give her a bottle when she's less than ecstatic to be awake. It's precious. Man, am I glad we got a cutie for the last go round.
Cause we got our slaves helpers that can teach her so much! Ummmm...sweeties, you missed a spot.

Thanks, boys. The kitchen floors are waiting.
I wish twins on everyone, that's no secret. What I really wish on everyone is someone at the end of the day to wrap their arms around you, give you a wet kiss and say " I love you." and if they add "I have a fully diapy" well consider it an even bigger blessing.

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