Monday, February 21, 2011

Why "Albright Acres"? Here's why.....

 We have animals. The farm type. The egg-layin', loud, poo producing kind that people pay money to let their kids pet. Yep, right in our yard! It started with my DH wanting a goat. "OK, babe". These are the things we wives say when our husbands say they want things like Harleys and goats. These are not things we expect to open our eyes to and in my case have to feed.

 These are our ladies. Hens. Chickens. In our yard. I did mention that right?! They have a coop with a heat lamp, water, a massage therapist....wait maybe not the last one but I swear I hear Kenny G playing. They give us enormous eggs everyday and eat our scraps. We are making lifestyle changes to be more "green"/ farmer-ish. We gather our scraps and at the end of the day we either throw them out the boys window (classy and so not white trash, I know) or we actually boot up and sprinkle them on the lawn for the animals. It actually is super fun. The boys love it. I want my boys to love it. I love that my kids will know where eggs come from and how to clip the frog on a goat's hoof. (These are important life lessons people.) I am thankful that we get an up close and personal lesson on caring for these creatures.

This is one of our two ducks, Faith or Hope. Hate to tell you chica, but you can sit in the chicken box all day and ain't nothin' gonna happen. Except some dirty looks from Big Bertha. (The white chicken above...she is mammoth!). The ducks have a blue kiddy pool that they swim around in and DH dug a hole and put in a pond with a bubbler/filter and they splash and frolic. He wouldn't buy me a kiddy pool to sit in when I was pregnant with his twin boys but he reads an article saying they love pools and well looky here peeps a new kiddy pool!! Whatever!!

 I think this is 2 days worth of eggs. We give a lot of eggs away. Thankfully  the boys eat 4 or 5 eggs a day (when I am feeling motherly and don't throw a pop-tart at them). It is so funny when people open the cartons and see different color eggs. NO, we don't dye them. They plop out just like that.

My hubs works out in the "yard" daily. He built the most amazing goat shed that looks like it was original to the house. He sided it to match the house. It also has heat and electricity for the goats Macey and Marge. Goats are cool. Goats butt you in the legs and nibble your good jeans that you were too lazy to take off even after your  Hubs reminds you that goats nibble.


 This is Macey.

This is Marge.
I casually mentioned to my DH that wouldn't it be great to have a bunny? Really? Why, Kate? Have you learned nothing? This is what happens in my house when any animal is mentioned. We are now the proud parents of Blue and Bella. Funny story. I love the name Bella and would have loved to have named a daughter Bella. Andy said no. I love the name Blue and would have loved to have named a daughter's middle name Blue. Andy said no. I see how I rate!!

Bunny, eat the carrot. Please eat the carrot. All our lives can move forward if you just give it a little nibble.  Make a little boys day and ....oh never mind. The boys were determined to feed the bunnies the carrots and the bunnies were determined to get away from the boys feeding them the carrots. At least they didn't poop on my kitchen floor...bunnies either!!;)
Can't be a farmer if you don't have cats. We have 2 incredibly cool cats Burt and Frankie. Are you seeing a naming theme? We like people names for our animals and since they have no say we name them whatever people name happens to come to mind. I am a dog person, always have been. I've never considered getting a cat. I have enough going on without having to scoop poo on purpose in my house. Well, these cats poo outside so...bonus!

This is the inside of the goat shed with waterproof walls so it can be hosed out. I am proud of all that DH has done out there. PETA would be proud of what DH has done out there.

It's a nice little slice of pie here. MMmmm....pie. Anyways, it's fun and educational and can't wait to see what other creature makes it's way to the farm.

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