Saturday, May 5, 2012

Whatever should we do?

I came home from work the other night and was getting ready for bed. In my bare feet, I walked into the bedroom and my foot stuck to something on the carpet. I know, I know, our carpet is a mess but this was new. This was fresh sticky.
Me: "ummmm....honey, what is this sticky stuff on the carpet?"
Him: where?
Me: (in my head) where? where? Helen Keller could find this...
(out loud) : right here honey, this big sticky line in our room?
Him: oh, ah, we had syrup for dinner on the waffles.
Me: of course! silly me. So sorry I interrupted "Duck Dynasty."
Him: It's "Storage Wars", I just finished "Duck Dynasty" those guys are awesome, when I...
Me: I know, you are going to grow your beard the day after you retire. So looking forward to that honey. Ummm, did you think to, Oh, I don't know, clean it up?
Him: I couldn't find anything that works.
Me: ......................................

Me: You couldn't find anything to clean up the syrup on the carpet that is
Him: ....they make duck calls and this one time, they flooded the dock to float ducks on.....

At least he didn't put newspaper over it and wait for me to get home, like when the dog pukes.
It can't be much longer, right, with all that Mt Dew he drinks.....right?!

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