Monday, May 14, 2012

Going Vegan! Day 1

  My friend Veronica and I decided to go Vegan for a week to kick off our 911 worker 12-Week body challenge. 
We are gangsta's like that!
I have to say....Day one.....not terrible. 
Let's be clear: I'm not ever going to give up meat or meat by-products or pink slime in burger for that matter. This is just a weird thing Vern and I thought of doing while sitting around dispatch one night.
Here's what I ate today.
I picked up hours at work today so it was a quick toss of non- animal stuff in my bag. Love the steam-able veggies. These were on sale at Meijer for $.99 each. I stocked that we have a microwave :) I have to take my Synthroid and Calcium pill on an empty stomach with just water and wait 30 minutes before I eat. I just set the timer on the microwave and know that I can eat at the beep. I was rushing this morning so the water was fine until I got to work and then I ate my orange and broccoli. 
I felt I was always munching on my bag of veggies and had to pee every 30 minutes with all the water I was drinking. 

This was my dinner along with a half a plain bagel (I read the label like 15 times so I was sure!) with some strawberry jelly. 
This is zucchini boats (hollowed out) and grilled then I put grilled onions and a little pasta sauce. 
It. Was. Divine.
Not in the I will eat it because it's "either this or my hand" type of Divine, but really, truly delish!
I will make this again. 
Along side a strip steak a turkey burger.
I had a half a popsicle with the kids while they took their bath (the place they eat their popsicles). 
I will end day one not hungry and super optimistic about the week and the next 11 weeks ahead. 
I did FB a local bakery to see if they had anything Vegan and blessings abound!! they have Vegan Chocolate muffins....
Last 2 digits of my starting weight is 9.0 
Tune in tomorrow for day 2! 

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