Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Day

I hope you all had a spectacular Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends-and in some! We had a wonderful time with all of the above. 

My kids can't escape my dorkiness....even on Thanksgiving. I made some "turkey shirts with googley eyes" for them. What a crew! 
I worked til midnite on Thanksgiving after spending the day with family. On the way home I was so amazed at how busy and bright it all was due to the Black Friday sales. I had no inclination to get up for the shopping rush. BUT...I did have some great coupons for Jo-Ann's  and with orders for The CarSeat Cozee to fill I wanted to hit the sales. I left the house at 9:30am and made my way to the 2nd best store (THE Home Depot being the first....of course!). Oh. My. Word. I know I am crazy for coupons and sales and all things cheap but seriously......SERIOUSLY.
I pulled a number out of the ticket roll and found 1sq ft of space to stand with my 4 pieces of fabric. I looked at my ticket and it was F71....they were freaking on E1. That is 171 people in front of me waiting to get fabric cut. That's 171 people in front of me waiting to pay for their cut fabric. I waited about an hour and it was only up to ......E21. People had re-stocking carts filled to taller than themselves. Yeah....not so much. I will try again tomorrow. 
If you were stronger and braver and more patient than me- I hope your Black Friday was uber successful.

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