Monday, November 14, 2011

My review of the new SmashBurger.

The kids and I had some errands to run and we were "in the area" and decided to stop in to the new SmashBurger restaurant that opened last week-ish. As some of you are aware I am a burger fanatic. I will pick a burger over anything, anywhere, anytime.  

I ordered a "SmashBurger". It is the standard burger here. Nothing fancy with the Lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and "smash"sauce. I was eye-ing the Bacon, BBQ  and crispy onion burger but the whole "smash"sauce sucked me in. 

The fries are super skinny. They have a few different varieties and I actually meant to order the rosemary ones but (surprisingly) I was distracted by the boys trying to take "a money" out of the tip bowl.  Silly me, I need to focus.

I ordered a kid meal with a cheeseburger and one with chicken tenders. I split the two meals between the boys so they get a little of each. Why? I really don't know. 

Yes, my kids are drinking pop. I usually get them chocolate milk as a "treat" when we eat out but they kept going on and on about "can't wait to drink my diet coke" (i have no idea where they picked that up from) so I just let them have some Fanta orange. I won "Mother of the year" tonight from them. 

You can see the burger and chicken tender is gone from their little metal basket.  Drink up, Logan you won't get that for a while!

To go along with the "Mother of the Year", yes my 10 month old is eating french fries. That kid eats whatever we eat and really doesn't eat any baby food anymore. Works for me!

Well, how was it??
Culver's is right next door and I would go to them instead of coming back to Smashburger. 
It was a bright, clean place with ample room in the booth. The employees were nice, not overly attentive where you can't get a bite in between "How is everything?" and "Can I get anyone anything?"
My silverware was dirty, the boys chicken tender meal had no BBQ sauce as ordered, the fries were hard as a rock and everytime I took a bite of my average burger there was a weird smell of wet dishrag. 
The bun to burger ratio is off. The huge bun swallows the thin patty. The chicken was SOOO greasy and limp. 
The window where the servers stand and pick up your order was close to our seats and I got to hear super interesting conversations about how good Steak-n-Shake was on the way to work because one of the employees would never eat this "crap" and so on. The servers throwing  paper and pens at each other was a nice touch in front of my 2 yr olds but whatever! The manager stopped at the table next to us with a half untucked shirt and a crooked name tag which I thought was a nice professional touch, but maybe I am just being nit-picky.
Would I go back? I would but it wouldn't be for awhile. Maybe let them work the "kinks" out. 
Have you gone? What did you think? I hope your experience was fantastic and I just went on an off night. 

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