Thursday, November 17, 2011

I just can't help myself....

I've said before that we are a drop-off for all sorts of things- dogs, leftovers from Applebee's, furniture. We got an influx of stuff when a friend had a couple changes in marital status. They dropped off a wonderful dining room set that needed a little love in the seat cushion department. 
With 3 kids so far --I'm still hoping for a doorbell ring and a set of twins in Moses baskets sitting there- I figured I would set myself up for less headaches and cleaning.

Here is the before. You can see what I mean. 

Here is the after. For 2 of the chairs I picked a great fabric and then covered them in a thick clear plastic. Spill away boys! Now go get a sponge and wipe it up..... 
I was waiting at the cutting counter at Jo-Anns and a "Judge Judy" type lady was asking everyone what they were making with their fabric. I tried to find my cell phone to fake a call but since my number was up next I didn't want to be rude to the employee since I am in there every other day. 
She didn't like the idea of mixing it up in such an important room. 
Now, normally I would come back with a sarcastic remark but I am trying to be "nicer". *sigh*......
I love it. Stay on your chairs boys. 

There was a pile of naked stuffed animals at church waiting for clothes before they were given away downtown. I tried my hand at making a little dress for a Cabbage Patch cat.....I ain't winnin' any awards with this one. Simmer down American Girl you will turn a profit this year. I actually got a catalog in the mail last week from them. Holy cow! I don't even spend that much on a shirt for ME. ME, a grown woman, whole human being, ME.  3 square inches of Burberry fashioned into a shirt shouldn't cost more than 36 square inches of Daisy Fuentes....just sayin'.

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