Saturday, February 25, 2012

I don't know about you but my kids are smelly.
Like, look around for a dead raccoon baking in the sunshine, type of smelly. How do their feet get that way? Ugh...
Throw in some outdoor activities.....

 Some outdoor cleaning....

and food.
What do you get?
Bathtime! An event enjoyed by all mothers, where your kids are corralled and busy with toys and you can zone out  sitting on the (closed) toilet catching up on Words with Friends while trying not to make a grocery list in your head.

Hey, stinkbugs! Scrub a dub! I guess the generic bubble bath didn't work so well....hmmm. So thats another thing to add to the list of "Only buy the name brand or you will hear about it til the next grocery trip"
1. Kraft Blue box Mac and Cheese
2. Kraft blue wrapper sliced sandwich cheese
3. Bubble bath

Looking like your dad, there Cole.
"What? You mean there really isn't a trash fairy that changes the trash while I fall asleep in front of the Redwings hockey game ?

Smile, Cole. Ummm, okay, a little less Angry Birds and a little more sweet angel face.

Speaking of angel face!!

See that toy organizer? It is horrible! I got it from Target and this might be the longest it has stayed up. From this picture to the one after it. I am going to glue it to the wall. I'm gangsta like that...

My Logan loves his bath. Reese stays for the first part and then she gets out and the boys turn into Olympic swimmers. (Which is weird because I can't swim.)

Ummmm...Reese, I thought we talked about this....ah...great, my 1yr old is shooting "bath water" shooters.

Yeah, you. Busted!

No, no.....


The end result.
3 kissable, snuggly, stink free kids that I am lucky enough to call mine.
Cole, we should practice the whole "smile" thing....before preschool pictures.  


  1. Love this post! As far as generic bubble bath goes, I'm in love with the Target brand baby bubble bath and wash. It's their version of the blue J&J bottle, and it's tearfree shampoo and body wash in one and it makes great bubbles - even better than the name brand. Tommy likes to drink the water too. When I try to tell him how yucky that is he just grins and drinks some more. Kids.... :)