Sunday, November 11, 2012

My new fav kid cups.

Sippy cups get gross. 
Like....I would rather throw them out then try to clean them, gross.
We have tried a bunch of different kinds.
Some with straws. THE WORST!
Some with spouts.
I had been getting lazy about the whole cup thing so the kids were getting juice boxes *gasp*!
I stopped by Babies r Us to see what some new options were and man, did I hit the 
kid cup jackpot! 

Meet the Sassy No spout No spill 12oz kid cups!

Unique, huh?!  
How do they work?

These squiggly lines!
 The kids just start drinking and the water gets drawn up the squiggly lines and SHAZAM! Thirst quenched!

NO spilling! No leaking. 

Whoever Sassy is, she came up with a phenomenal product! 
We have been using them for a few days now and the kids love them. 
I will definitely be going back for another set!
Babies r Us has them $5.99 each and when I went they were "Buy one get one 50% off" 
If you are frustrated with the sippy cup situation at your house give these a try!

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