Saturday, January 21, 2012

I am so proud.....

Here are my precious angels who I carried for 35 long weeks......licking my glass door.
 Has a mother ever been so proud? As long as you are out there boys, you missed a spot. I keep thinking there is an Oreo on the deck.
 A person can only handle so much disappointment.

What is this you ask? Besides a hot mess in my livingroom....I know but my kids LIVE in this room! I'd love to say you caught me on a messy day but we both know I'd be lying. Make a mess babies. 
It's my daughter cheering for hockey game.
It's my daughter betraying me.
It's my daughter winning my husband's heart yet again.
I guess my marathon watching of NCIS gets to the hubs like the hockey watching gets to me.
I ain't giving up my Gibbs....or my cheeseburgers....
Life here is great.
How can I complain with live-in window washers?

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