Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I must have misunderstood....

So, after a rough day of thinking these silly contractions were all in my head or would miraculously just go away, I decided to go in to Metro. I wanted to go by myself instead of dealing with getting the boys all situated and yada yada then just turn around a few hours later and be home. Andy wasn't keen on the idea "they will think I'm a jerk for letting you go in by yourself, I'll never hear the end of it!"....."Honey, the game's on"...."Oh, well, you'll call if anything happens right?"..."Yes, dear". So off I go to Metro.

I happen to love Metro. I have for 10 years, the staff are wonderful and the wait time is non-existent.

Up to the floor I go. I get hooked up and my nurse admits she is rushing and wants to go home. She looks at the monitors and says I am contracting every 3 minutes. I ask her to let me know if she thinks something is going to happen tonight if she could let me know earlier than later because it will take Andy about 30-45 mins to get here. She says okay and off she goes to tend to other patients.
A few minutes later she comes in and "checks"me....not a picnic people, not a picnic. "You should call your husband and arrange childcare because we are going to do your c-section tonight." "Really?" "Oh yes, we don't like our repeat c-sections to contract as much as this." "Okay, thanks, I'll call him now".
I call him and break the wonderful, long awaited, honey, you no longer have to do the laundry news!

Not 15 minutes later the new shift of RN's and Dr's come on and I am again evaluated and checked.
"When is your next Dr appt?" "Ummm....thursday." "Let's see how you are doing then." "Ummmm....the other nurse said to call who i needed to call and arrange childcare because I was getting this kid out tonight."
DEAD SILENCE....nervous looking at each other...."ummm.....we'll be right back."
So, I am sitting there confused and getting a little annoyed when they come back in. "We talked to that RN and she was rushing and misspoke, she shouldn't have told you that, we are sorry. You must have misunderstood." There are times to speak and there are times to plaster a fake smile on your face and nod.
This was definitely one of those times not to speak. I called Andy and he was already almost here and no reason to turn around. I could hear the deflation in his voice and it mirrored my feelings.
Over the next couple hours I was checked a total of 6 times (did I mention how not a picnic it is?!) and then told to get dressed and to make sure I keep my Thursday appt. AHHHH.....I want this baby out!
I know that she will make her appearance when God decides He's heard enough whining from me!
We are so grateful for the wonderful care at Metro that we have received and will continue to receive and don't hold it against them for the "misunderstanding".

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